Internationally Acclaimed

Chef Susanna Foo

Susanna revolutionized America’s idea of Chinese food with her award winning cuisine. Her love affair with food has bred one of Philadelphia’s most authentic Asian Fusion Restaurants.

About The Chef

For more than almost 40 years Susanna Foo has changed the paradigm of Chinese food, melding traditional Chinese ingredients with classical French techniques. With two cookbooks and two James Beard Awards, she is widely recognized as one of America’s top Chinese chefs.

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Opened Susanna Foo Chinese Cuisine Restaurant 1512 Walnut Street, Philadelphia Pa

One of 10 best new chefs in America by Food and Wine Magazine

The restaurant named as 10 Best New Restaurant in USA by Esquire


Classic Hot and Sour Soup

This is a very popular soup from Northern China where my parents are from, especially during the long cold winter. It is served very hotly and the spices will warm your heart, clean your sinuses, and make you sneeze. Traditionally the soup is made with tree ear mushroom, dried lily buds, winter bamboo shoots, fresh pork blood, and white pepper.

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Coconut Tapioca (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

Coconut Tapioca, a light, and refreshing dessert. Cooking the tapioca pearls in spice water will add more depth to flavor the tapioca.

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